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About Us

Our mission is to exceed our clients' expectations regarding quality, value, and promptness. Acute Laser Die India LLP is shifting its focus to the needs of its customers in terms of price and turnaround time. We have completed and supplied over 50,000 high-tech laser dies, including Hologram Dies, Packaging Box Dies, Alphabetical Dies, Screen Guard Dies, Box Dies, Leafing Blocks, Label Dies, etc., to customers all over the country thanks to our dedication to exceptional standards of productivity and performance. Because of our openness to new ideas, we have grown intellectually and successfully over time. While working on projects for our prestigious clientele, we always remember the three Ds: discipline, desire, and dedication.

Our Vision

To leave an enduring impression on the lives of our clients by promoting Values, Equality, Relationships, and Brotherhood. Our ultimate goal is to be recognized as the preeminent Laser Die Manufacturer in the world.

Our Mission

  • To develop into a Trustworthy, Dependable, and Cooperative Business Partner.
  • Through cutting-edge processes, we aim to provide laser die services that are both efficient and quick.
  • To be recognized as a company that prioritizes its employees' well-being and has strong executives.
  • To be recognized as a group whose work improves the lives of its members via sustained leadership and exceptional quality.

Our Value

Honesty, Efficiency and Integrity are the cornerstones of everything we do. We encourage our employees to maintain these qualities in all they do for our customers. We work hard to create a culture of trust and teamwork to provide the highest quality Hologram Dies, Alphabet Dies, Box Dies, Label Dies, and other products possible.

Our Core Service

Our team has been conducting in-depth research and integrating leading-edge technology to bring you the best possible cutting solutions and laser die tools.

Our Customers

The following companies are helping us grow our community:

  • Modpet
  • VR Print Pack
  • DPL
  • Classic Stripes
  • GPP
  • Holostik
  • Meghdoot

The Director's Message

Mr Raghavendra Naik, a Mechanical Engineer by training, has been at the forefront of innovation in the laser die-making industry for the better of 20 years. Mr R. Naik, having gained experience in a variety of fields and a firm grasp on the intricacies of leadership, has founded a laser Die Manufacturing company in Delhi under the name Accute Laser Die Pvt. Ltd. He is an expert in all the techniques and processes involved in using laser Die Making machines.

He has extensive experience executing and operating specialized laser project designs for various industries. He has worked with some of the world's top laser/die makers and CNC machines. Since its establishment, our primary goal has been to provide exceptional service to each of its clients in terms of quality, affordability, and on-time deliveries. We are now preparing to manage end-to-end services, growing vertically and horizontally within the industry, exploring the market for new machines, and offering cutting-edge Die-making technology to our devoted clientele.

Our Work Process

We place a premium on maintaining solid connections with our valued clientele as a company. Our operations are structured to guarantee punctual delivery of high-quality items like Packaging Box Dies, Screen Guard Dies, Leafing Blocks, etc., to every one of our customers.

  • Analyze the needs of the project
  • AutoCAD Design and Research 
  • Manufacturing and Quality Control
  • Deployment and Delivery
  • Customer Assistance and Support

Why Are We Different?

We embrace the idea that nothing stays the same. Thus we are always working to advance and use cutting-edge technology to manufacture the highest quality blocks and dies possible.

  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • High quality
  • Varied Products
  • Prompt delivery 
  • Reasonable Prices


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